Capital Credits

What Are Capital Credits

As a member of our not-for-profit electric cooperative, you have certain rights and privileges that you will not find with other types of electric utility companies.

  • One of these privileges is “Capital Credits”
  • As a member/owner on our lines you furnish capital for the cooperative
  • All patronage capital received in excess of operating costs and expenses is allocated to you in the form of capital credits
  • It’s important to realize that capital is the infrastructure of our company; it is not cash in our bank account
  • If you receive a notice saying you have $50 of capital credits this year, that $50 may have paid for part of a transformer or utility pole

Wabash Valley Power Alliance

  • As an energy cooperative, we receive capital credits from our power supplier — Wabash Valley Power Alliance (WVPA)
  • These credits are also returned to our membership as we recognize that it was your money purchasing the power — so you should get the money back

How Credits are Issued

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